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Posted in Uncategorized by riajoynes on May 10, 2010

From being shown different artists I can get a great sense of how they view the world. I think it is important in life to constantly be informed by how others work, as this can allow myself to develop my own work and to keep trying different styles and techniques.

I use networking sites such as Flickr and Twitter to keep informed by other artists what it is they do in their practice. I find that Chase Jarvis on Twitter is a really resourceful photographer as he is constantly Tweeting and blogging his work, his developments and also shares tips and techniques he has practiced. One main technique, which I find has informed me greatly during my final term of my first year, is his new topic, “Deconstruct This Photo”.


This is one of his latest deconstruct feature. He first sends out the image, allowing viewers to try to pinpoint the lighting in the image as well as important components that has made the photograph successful. He then reveals them and explains in great detail what each factor has brought to the image. I think it’s really good how he is allowing an insight into how he works and how he would construct the lighting to create certain images. It’s such a different approach that I am pretty sure many photographers wouldn’t consider broadcasting, but because he has done this he has allowed the people who admire his work gain so much information from what I think is a really inspirational photographer.

Chase Jarvis’s blog also feeds out information not only on his work but also sharing news, latest technologies and general photography information for his viewers to read.

@ http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/ – his blog is definitely worth bookmarking as you can gain some real inspiration to practice in your own work.


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